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  • 学历:硕士
  • 工作年限: 1年
  • 年龄:32


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  • 目前薪资: 7000元/月
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2015年07月 -- 至今 CATL  | Mechanical Engineer (5年11个月)

1. Improve the structural designs that are feasible for manufacturing processes and meet specific requirements. 2. Create 3D model and engineering drawings for mechanical components and assemblies to deliver the structure of battery pack from concepts to production. 3. Support other engineers of the project team for modification of design to decrease potential risks and technical issues. 1. Data reorganization of 3D CAD, engineering drawings, BOM for project JOB1, JOB2 and G1 (the battery packs of passenger cars for BMW and Geely) for SIT Test. 2. Working with other engineers to improve the design of mechanical components for G1 and E100 project in accordance with the design modification plan. 3. Track the plastic injection modelling trial of CSC-5.1 and BMU-5.1 with suppliers and coordinate thermal tests for thermal stability comparison between each plastic material.

2014年01月 -- 2015年06月 Faurecia (Wuhan) Co. Ltd,  | Management Trainee (1年5个月)

1. Audit products and processes to ensure the fabrication process and production quality satisfy the relevant safety regulations and quality standards. 2. Develop and execute necessary documentations to implement quality control and standardize the manual operation as well as the quality observation on site. 3. Take ownership of determining the product performance and test standards in accordance with product test plan which reflects the requirements of customers and industry. 1.Compiling the control plan and other on-site documentations for MQB2 and BZ3 projects and work with other projects team members to track and clear the quality issues for effective solutions. 2.Undertake the acceptance inspection of gauges for MQB2 project and liaise with relevant divisions for maintenance and define the usage specifications. 3. Continuously collect and analyze the defective samples of prototypes for MQB2 project and complete the documentation of the defection collection.


2015年08月 -- 2015年08月 SIT Test (CATL)

1. Manage data of the 3D CAD and engineering drawings of E-car projects for further SIT test. 2. Work with other engineers to compile and modify relevant documents for information synchronism in data base. 3. Support PLM engineer and other project team members for data recording and results verification in SIT test. 1. Complete BOM modification and data reduction of 3D CAD and engineering drawings of JOB1 and G1 projects in accordance with SIT testing requirements. 2. Get training of operations about the system and complete the first round SIT test with other project team members.

2014年11月 -- 2014年11月 MQB2 Seat Frame Project

1. Compile and implement control plan and other on-site documentation to standardize the manual operations. 2. Collect and define defective samples and assist the project quality leader with 3. Assist to verify the product quality and coordinate with other divisions for product test and maintenance. 4. Assist to audit on-site processes to ensure the relevant regulations and requirements are met. 1. Assist to complete the first round PQA Audit with Project Quality Leader. 2. Complete and continuously update defective samples collection, control plan and other on-site documentations. 3. Complete the acceptance and maintenance of gauges for all MQB2 products and ensure other project members are clear with the gauge usage through introduction documentation and training.


  • 2013年07月 -- 2014年11月
  • University of Bristol
  • 硕士
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 2009年09月 -- 2013年06月
  • Wuhan University of Technology
  • 本科
  • Vehicle Engineering


1.Have work experience working with on-site quality control and mechanical structure design with good understanding; 2.Get Master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering in Bristol and Bachelor’s degree of Vehicle Engineering in Wuhan with practical knowledge of basic relevant knowledge and software application. 3.Living and studying abroad helps to adapt to working with engineering teams and enhances the English communication skill as well as facilitates the holism view and executive ability.